Dirty Monkey

November 3, 2005

Personal Assistant

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“This weekend it’s Mom and Dad’s anniversary, so I can expect it to eat up even more of my day than usual. Mr. Naveen to the rescue. I email Mr. Naveen — the YMII employee who will be on duty at the time — a few concerned-sounding questions and a couple of filial sound bites.

…apparently my mom’s sprained foot has gotten better (though the rain does not help), and my dad’s law practice is going along very well. As for me, I had a good week, apparently. This was highly successful outsourcing, saving me at least half an hour of sweaty-eared phone time.”

Duude, I want a personal assistant. I want to outsource all my tasks. That would be the shyt. Then I could get my personal assistant to pester Mike everyday to get my money back, and remind him exactly how much he owes me (because I have no idea, and I’m too lazy to figure it out).

Outsourcing is the shyt. I want me one of of those.